Ethics comes from the Greek root ethos, meaning essential character. Each ethical decision we make (or avoid) actually co-creates who we are, our lives, our relationships, and the world we live in. Readings from Aristotle through the existentialists, an exploration of comparative religion, studies in intra- and inter-personal psychology, and cases from literature to business will orient and inspire and support students’ quests to find and live their deepest values. We will investigate those characteristics and habits of human nature that hinder affirmative ethical behavior (and the realization of maximum human potential generally), and explore characteristics and practices that can foster each student’s inherent imagination, creative capacity, integration, and fully satisfying participation in life and the larger Earth adventure. Ultimately, L&S 160B will empower students to transcend basic reaction to difficult and significant challenges and instead move into a genuinely creative response, thus fostering the “response-ability,” stability, emotional intelligence, discrimination, and discerning self-awareness required of 21st-century global citizens.